Emergency Social Services (ESS)

is an integral part of the Regional District of Nanaimo’s Emergency Program and provides short term assistance to people affected by an emergency or a disaster.

ESS follows the standards and practices for Emergency Management BC Public Safety Lifeline Volunteers and volunteers receive free accredited training from the Justice Institute of BC and other stakeholder agencies. 

Evacuees who have been forced to leave their home due to an emergency or disaster can receive short term (72 hrs.) of ESS:  food, lodging, clothing, emotional support and family reunification.

Whether the disaster impacts a single family or a larger number of residents, ESS Gabriola volunteers work together to provide ESS and in the event of a large scale event sets up a reception center where those in need of resources can register for food,
lodging and other resources locally.

The Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Program ( NEP)

provides support and education to residents about:

  1. How to prepare BEFORE disaster strikes.

  2. Learning how to survive at home on your own for at least one week,

  3. How to prepare grab and go bags for family members and loved ones

  4. Working together with neighbors for building our community’s disaster resilience.

Email  nep@essgabriola.com today to arrange for a free workshop and don’t forget about your pets – they’re family too! Learn how to assemble emergency supplies for each of your pets – you can check out which items to include in your grab and go bag for your pets on this website or email pals@essgabriola.com.

Be Proactive.  Be Safe.  Be Ready!

  For more emergency preparedness information, go to the RDN website , Emergency Planning page, or to Emergency Management BC website or check out ESS BC for more details about volunteering with ESS. 

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